The club

Amsterdam Beach club was founded in April 2021 and therefore still a young association. We now have almost 200 fun members who train in eight groups. The plan is that in addition to the training sessions and the free play, you can play almost every weekend. Either because we are visiting a tournament or we are organizing something ourselves.


From April till August we have practises on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

  • Beginners (Mix): People without volleyball experience. In this group we will explain the basic techniques step by step.
  • Middle (Mix): This group is meant for people who know the basic techniques. We will mainly focus on improving the techniques and make a start on basic beach volleyball tactics. We have divided this level in Middle-low and Middle-high based on experience and ball controll.
  • High (Women, Men): Meant for people who developed their technique and tactic so that they can play at least tournaments at middle-high on the Dutch beaches. While we still try to hone our technique, the focus will be on tactic and game situations.

Friendly games

From April till August, every Friday evening and Sunday morning there will be the possibility for friendly games. For now you can easely register and find people to play with.

Gezelligheid / Fun

We have practises next to the beautiful terrace of the Oerknal. We have drinks here with everyone after the training. All the comities have organised tournaments, and other activities, and we have been on Beach Volleybal holiday to Berlin! In order to see each other again during the off-season, we organize a midwinter drink as well.