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We maintain the following levels:

(updated, starting from the 2nd block (=July) in 2024):


Please note: all levels from A1 to B2 are 'mixed', whereas C1 and C2 are separated into ladies and gents groups

A1 [mixed]: No experience with beach volleyball or only played with friends but never learned any technique or strategy.

A2 [mixed]: When you play, most points are mistakes by the opponent and not a well-executed hit. Focus during the game is mostly on your own side and getting the ball over in a controlled way.

B1 [mixed]: You often play rallies which most of the time end by a mistake. When playing, the focus is mostly on the ball, but you start to sometimes see opportunities on the other side of the field and exploit them by placing an aimed ball.

B2 [mixed]: You can play long rallies with good saves but struggle to get a controlled hit after a dive and make a point. During a rally you see when your opponent is mispositioned and can apply pressure by placing the ball.

C1 [Ladies/Gents]: When there is a free-ball, the pass and set are always controlled. You call for different sets (close, mid, outside) and your setter calls where to shot. Everyone has well placed shots and when you get a free ball you can get it clean on the ground or force your opponent to dive. Women: It sometimes makes sense that you play with block. Men: You always start with the block but still peel of a lot.

C2 [Ladies/Gents]: When you play in system, you can place a hard-driven and well-aimed ball. You try to play defenders by switching between different shots and/or hard hits. In both block and defense you adjust to your opponents.