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Season 2023

Below you will find all information about beach volleyball in 2023:

Early and late season: April and September

From April we will start with open training sessions for all levels on mondays, thuedays and wednesdays. If the weather is nice, the first tournaments will also be organized.

Training blocks: May-June & July-August

From May to August, training takes place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 6:00 PM and 9:30 PM on the beach fields located next to the sunny terrace of the Oerknal (Science Park 306). There are workouts for all levels. We try to divide all training groups as fairly as possible.

We maintain the following levels:
- beginners (Mix): People who have no volleyball experience yet. We will start here by explaining the basic techniques step by step.
- Middle (Mix): People who know the basic techniques but do not have much beach experience/technique yet. Here we will continue on the technique and will also start with different tactics.
- Mid-High (Mix): People who master the basic techniques and tactics and have some experience in playing games or tournaments.
- High (Men/Women): Technique and tactics are good enough to be able to play at least medium-high tournaments. Here we will continue to fine-tune technique but the emphasis will be on tactics and different match situations.
- Division (Men/Ladies): For the fanatical people who regularly play tournaments from 3rd division onwards.

Free play

From April till August there is the possibility to play freely every Friday evening and Sunday morning. Via an excel sheet available to members, members can see who is coming and add there name to a free space on a court.