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The Board

Since 2024, a new board has taken over ABC, with much gratitude and appreciation to the first board. ABC's official second board consists of:

  • Chair: Andreas Franzke
  • Vice-Chair: Myrne Ettema
  • Secretary: Olga Anisimova
  • Treasurer: Meggie Hudspith
  • Sport Commissioner: Erik-Jan Meijer

You can contact us by

(Cool picture will follow as soon as the sun is out again :) 

Since its founding in 2021 and until 2024, the following board has been in place:

  • Wouter Meinster – Chariman
  • Wouter van Soest – Vice-chaiman
  • Sjoerd Janse – Secretary
  • Jolijn van Leeuwen – Treasurer

On the picture from top to bottom: Wouter (van Soest), Wouter (Meinster), Jolijn, Sjoerd