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General information

As an association, we have a number of important documents such as our statutes, our internal regulations and the general terms of service for members.

Internal regulations and statutes

Our internal regulations can be found under this link, the statutes can be found here.*

*Due do the difficult legal language in the statutes and our limited legal knowledge of the English language we didn’t translate this document.

Terms of Service

  1. Participants have the right to participate in training and activities organized by the association, provided that there is room, they have registered on time and have met the payment conditions.
  2. Activities and training of the association will only take place if they are permitted according to the guidelines of the government and / or municipality.
  3. Participants are responsible for complying with the guidelines set by the government and / or municipality.
  4. In cases not provided for in these regulations, as well as in doubtful cases, the board will decide.
  5. The association is not liable for illness, accidents or damage of any kind that happen to its participants.
  6. Each of the participants is liable for damage caused by him / her to the property of the association.
  7. Participants take care of objects rented by the association. Damage to rented objects must be reported immediately to a board member. The board is responsible for reporting this damage to the landlord.
  8. Participants have the obligation to timely payment of the contribution and other costs incurred by them.
  9. When the membership is terminated, this does not cancel any payment obligation that the person concerned has towards the association.
  10. The board may cancel and / or move an activity if it deems this necessary.
  11. If an activity cannot take place, the board will find appropriate compensation
  12. If any of the above provisions conflicts with the articles of association or the law, the remaining provisions will remain in effect.